Fighting Tomorrow

Eric Schmidt: how we outrace the robots – the executive chairman of Google says that the three great economic trends of our time are globalization, demography and automation, and together they will create a worldwide crisis in employment.

Adapt Useful, Reject Useless, Add Own

To succeed you must understand failure points and margins of safety. You must categorize by trade, craft, or art. A proverb notes to mold bamboo you must act when it is young. When too much time has passed the mind closes. Similarly a good teacher must know the rules; a good pupil the exceptions. Often products are produced for an
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The Age of Priority

We live in an age of Priority where those who want an advantage must leverage multiple channels. While privilege has always come at a price, effort is now mandatory.

Failure to Innovate: Excerpt

Once a business figures out how to solve its customers’ problems, organizational structures and processes emerge to guide the company towards efficient operation. Seasoned managers steer their employees from pursuing the art of discovery and towards engaging in the science of delivery. Employees are taught to seek efficiencies, leverage existing assets and distribution channels, and listen to (and appease) their
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Fastlane Millie Part – Two

Need The Commandment of Need states that businesses that solve needs win. Needs can be pain points, service gaps, unsolved problems, or emotional disconnects. Ninety percent of all new businesses fail because they are based on selfish internal needs, not external market needs. • No one cares about your selfish desires for dreams or money; people only want to know what your
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Copy, Transform, Combine, Simplify

Creativity is a derivative process.

We don’t need Jobs, we need Problems, Projects, and Products.

Too often jobs are held as the goal when simply put, they’re mere by-products. Scale brings an efficiency which when leveraged maximizes the input and output ratio. We need Products which shape how we will live tomorrow. The problems and projects will manifest with them.

Purpose, Growth, Change

What is the intent? What is success? What are the risks?

Power of Prose

First I snatched the street then I snatched the charts, First had they ear now I hav they’re heart, Rappers came and went, I’ve been here from the start, Seen them put it together Watch them take it apart, See the Rovers roll up wit ribbons I’ve seen them re-poed, re-sold and re-driven……..

Start Thinking About Education

The purpose of education is to instill the comprehension of aspiration and opportunity and place students in a position to achieve  them. The only way to learn is by doing. Talmud, we see things not as they are but as we are. Smart people challenge the very limit of human understanding, and push the envelope of what’s possible farther than
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